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Hello! I'm Hayet! I come from Douai, in the North of France but my different work experiences lead me to Scotland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. I finally landed in Manchester in England where I lived 6 years working for the Alliance Française and other organisations. My teaching approach is serious and yet playful, which allows me to satisfy my students needs in terms of learning whether they are 7 or 77! I know that learning a language can be a challenge and I will do my best to give you an amazing and stressless experience, so come along!

Degrees: Master's in French as a Foreign Language - Ba (Hons) in Applied Languages (English/Spanish) - Ba (Hons) in General Studies


My name is Philippe and I'm from Cahors. Initially town planner, I know my city as well as the numerous specificities of the Lot departement. Be sure  that you can rely on my knowledge in order to satisfy your curiosity during your holidays and through the visit that we may complete together. Nevertheless, I'm a teacher above all and life brought me to work in Canada, Poland, some French cities like Montpellier and Toulouse and finally in England. I'm very supportive and focused on your improvement. So let's talk in French!

Degrees: Master's in French as a Foreign Language - Master's in Geography

A perfect location...

Located in the heart of Cahors, our school offers you comfortable classrooms to learn and a nice and warm atmosphere since it's in our house. You will benefit from a high-quality teaching with tailor-made classes limited to four student per classroom. Within walking distance of the school, you will find local shops to buy sandwiches or pastries if you fancy it.

A flexibilty guaranted...

Your time of arrival will depend on flights or other various transports. Don’t panic, you can start your French lessons whenever you want. It could be in the middle of the week and it won’t be a problem at all. You just need to subscribe for a minimum of 5 days in a row (for an intensive formula). In the next pages, you will find the options you can be interested in.

A friendly atmosphere...

Do you want to improve your French and visit Cahors and nearby places at the same time? Will you be on your own? You plan on learning with your friends? Your family? Whatever works! You’ll have a teacher for you with a maximum of 4 students in the class. The only thing we would ask is a (fairly) similar level of French. In addition, you will study at the teacher’s place for a great cultural experience.

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