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Fancy improving your French ?

You chose France for residency and would like to settle in your new environment ?

We can help you by providing a cultural and linguistic teaching that will allow you to communicate with your neighbours and to take part in the social life of your area.

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You live in France and would like to obtain French nationality ?

Our school can prepare you to the DELF exams that are necessary for your citizenship. Our teachers are trained certified examiners for all levels of DELF/DALF.

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What are the DELF/DALF exams ?


DELF stands for Diplôme Elementaire de Langue Française, which means Elementary Diploma in French Language.

The DALF exam is also French Language diploma but in a higher level.

  • DELF measures and certifies your level of language proficiency using an established and internationally recognized tool.

  • DELF has global currency. It is calibrated to international language standards and is recognized around the world.

  • Proficiency in an additional language is an asset and certified proficiency enhances the value of this asset. A DELF certificate can qualify you for study, work or other opportunities.

  • DELF B2  meets the language requirement for admission to universities in France and increasingly to French-speaking universities in Canada.

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You would like to put your French learning into practice through excursions?

We can accompany you in this territory discovery by offering you a mix of lessons and cultural outins so you can satisfy your curiosity.

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Study at any level, from beginner

to expert with our experienced native teachers. 

Business French

Enlarge your vocabulary and prepare yourself for interviews, meetings and events.

Find the correct style for writing CV's or business letters!

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