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How to get to Cahors ?

You will find in the following link all the details you need to know to come here:

Why not trying carpooling?


Several websites of carpooling exist. The concept is cheap, convenient and eco-friendly. It could be a good idea to use it instead of booking train tickets, especially if you need to commute from an airport like Toulouse-Blagnac... and a good occasion to practise your French with the driver as well! One of the most popular carpooling website is BlaBlaCar. Feel free to have a look.

Where to park ?

Anything you need to know about parking lots in Cahors (places, number of spots and prices) is explained in the following link:

Where to sleep ?

As a reminder, here are the various options about the types of accomodation you can find in Cahors or near the city:

Shops and services near our school

As the school is located in the historic center, a lot of shopping facilities are waiting for you. Withing walking distance, you will find clothes shops, restaurants, coffee shops, news agencies and other little shops such as a bakery, a butchery and even a  cheesemonger where you will find any kind of cheese! It's perfect if you want to improve your french through your taste buds!

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